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Michael's work is only possible through a deep understanding of the landscapes he paints.

Inspired by the landscapes of the south coast of England, The French Alps, Southern France and Argentina, Micheal spends months at a time immersing himself in the environments.

In the pursuit of these adventures, Michael seeks not merely visual inspiration but a recharging of the essence what defines his art. It is within these trips that he discovers a source of tranquility, a vital force that propels his artistic expression. Explaining the inexplicable, these experiences provide a conduit to inner peace, a state that harmonizes with his true self.

Michael's most compelling works emerge from this tranquility, born not out of sorrow, loneliness, or emptiness, but from a profound sense of fulfillment—a zest for life.

As if quenching a thirst for hardship and suffering, these adventures serve as a transformative journey. Returning home, revitalized, he feels an innate urge to create. The brushstrokes gain confidence, and the colours on the palette reflect the newfound happiness. Michael perceives these excursions as a means of gaining inspiration to embrace his true identity, observing the natural world in all its splendor. From witnessing every sunrise and sunset to traversing the circumference of the Isle of Skye, cycling through the landscapes of France, Italy, and Spain, and covering vast distances on foot in the Alps, Pyrenees, and the Andes—he immerses himself in these experiences, always under the open sky, with minimal necessities, and in solitude.


Nature serves as the foundation for my experimental approach, termed Involuntarylism, where I focus on specific aspects that inspire material and process experimentation.

This method not only produces original and satisfying paintings but also reflects my identity. Involuntarylism relies on the interaction of materials and gravity in creating organic patterns and atmosphere, allowing the painting to take on a life of its own. Executed on the floor, this technique involves me 'puppeteering' the paint based on gravity and my knowledge of materials, with the image playing a diminished role. By removing the pressure of the image, I can delve deeper into the fascinating aspects of the materials and better replicate nature, recently incorporating gold and silver leaf for added dimension.

Oil colour mixing and acrylic diluting.
Energetic, spontaneous and sudden.
Tilt and weigh down and then let the magic happen.

Latest paintings

Branksome silver sketch no.3
65 x 90cm
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English gold no.100
150 x 120cm
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Cap d'Antibes no.11
120 x 180cm
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Upcoming exhibitions

If you would like to experience Michael's painting in real life he regularly exhibits his work on the South Coast of the UK and in London.

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